Best Amazon Loungewear Under $40


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While there’s definitely still a case to be made for personal style, even if no one is seeing us in person, there’s also more reason than ever to amp up our loungewear game with the items we’re wearing the most. After all, there are people who (happily and voluntarily) work from home in clothing they would have worn to an office . . . just as there are others who stay in pajamas as long as possible.

Now we’re not gonna ‘fess up which group we fall into most of the time, but we did spend quite some time browsing Amazon for the best loungewear around. And many of these pieces actually fit both camps as some are polished enough for virtual meetings while others are one small step up from actual sleepwear.

Check out our favorite loungewear from Amazon ahead, and be covered from head (with a hoodie) to toe (with snuggly socks), too.

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