Child Benefit: Parents urged to fill in form to boost state pension amount | Personal Finance | Finance


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“To transfer the credit from one parent to the other, DWP form CF411A should be used,” she commented.

Another issue to note is the importance of ensuring those at risk of gaps ensure they continue to claim the credit, even if they have waived Child Benefit.

Waiving the payment is something which some may opt to do, should there be a person in the household with an individual income of more than £60,000, and hence would all Child Benefit would be lost via the High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge (HICBC).

“Parents who are not working, or are earning less than the national insurance threshold and have waived payment of Child Benefit, due to the High-Income Child Benefit charge, can still get state pension credits, providing they apply for the child benefit but then waive payment of it,” Ms Ingram explained.

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