Most Comfortable Jeans For Women at Old Navy | Review


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Whenever summer wraps I always find myself ready to shop for new jeans, and there are a number of important things I routinely look for: style, versatility, and comfort. I like my jeans to have some modern flair to them, like an of-the-moment hem or wash. This helps it stand apart in my closet from other denim. Versatility is important because I want to wear them with cozy sweaters, casual graphic t-shirts, and even blazers. When it comes to comfortable clothing, I’m only buying cozy pieces right now. Since jeans aren’t always all-day comfortable, I knew I had my work cut out for me.

I ended up buying these High-Waisted Flare Black Cut-Off Ankle Jeans ($20, originally $40) earlier this month and was surprised at how perfect they were. I loved the subtle kick flare details (modern touch!), and how good they looked with my heavy sweaters and vintage t-shirts. But the biggest sell for me was how comfortable they were. Usually if I spend a day sitting in jeans they end up digging into my skin. After an entire workday sitting at my laptop the jeans not only held up their shape, but there were no marks on my hips from them. Zero.

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