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SPOILER WARNING: This story contains details from the end of ‘Borat 2.’

The finale of Borat 2 includes a covertly shot scene with Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump‘s personal attorney, sticking a hand down his pants while in a hotel room with a young female “journalist” after an interview.

The embarrassing encounter was captured on hidden cameras after Borat’s “daughter” in the movie, Tutar, staged a fake interview with Giuliani by posing as a conservative reporter from Eastern Europe.

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Giuliani can be seen leaning back on the hotel bed and inserting his hand into the crotch of his pants, which appear to be tented. Tutar is in the room with him at the time.

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Sacha Baron Cohen interrupts the encounter by bursting in as a scantily clad Borat, his Kazakh journalist character. “She 15! She too old for you!” he exclaims. The two are then thrown out of the hotel.

Tutar is presented as 15 years old in the film, though it’s unclear if Giuliani was told that before the encounter. Actor Maria Bakalova, who plays Tutar, is 24 years old.

She can be seen flirting with the former New York City mayor in a TV-style interview beforehand. She places her hand on his thigh multiple times, admits to being “nervous” and invites him to “have a drink in the bedroom” afterward.

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The two go into the bedroom and Giuliani sits on the bed, places his hand on Tutar’s lower back and says: “You can give me your phone number and your address.” She fusses with his shirt to remove the lavalier microphone, then he leans back on the bed and puts a hand into his pants before Cohen bursts in.

The scene appears to have been shot with hidden cameras and edited together.

Both Borat films follow Cohen as he pranks Americans in-character for faux journalistic purposes. The first film was released in 2006.

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The sequel, Borat Subsequent MovieFilm, follows the fictional journalist on a quest to marry off his daughter to someone in the Trump administration. (Amazon Prime Video is slated to release the film on Friday, but Global News watched it ahead of its release.)

Several news outlets spoiled the big moment as soon as the review embargo lifted on Wednesday, prompting a flurry of screenshots and controversy on Twitter.

Giuliani, 76, ended his third marriage last year. The Borat 2 scene appears to have been shot in 2020.

Giuliani did not immediately comment on the incident Wednesday, and his representatives did not respond to a request for comment from The Guardian.

He described calling the police on Cohen during an interview with the New York Post’s Page Six in July.

“This person comes in yelling and screaming, and I thought this must be a scam or a shakedown, so I reported it to the police,” Giuliani said at the time. “He then ran away.”

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Giuliani told the paper that the interview happened at The Mark Hotel in New York City last summer. He was offered payment for the interview but he declined, he said.

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Giuliani described it as a softball interview with a female reporter, but did not mention the move to the hotel room where Cohen showed up.

He said he initially thought the interview was serious. He only realized later that it was Cohen who had pranked him.

“I thought about all the people he previously fooled,” Giuliani said.

“I felt good about myself because he didn’t get me.”

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