Stylish Camo Jacket For Women at Old Navy


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When I think of the components that make up a perfect fall jacket, it almost certainly has to have these three qualities: it has to be versatile, on the thinner side (I said fall!), and stylish. Versatility is important because I want to hang the jacket by the front door and be able to grab it whether I’m wearing a printed dress or relaxed jeans. The weight of the fabric is critical, too, because I want it to keep me warm enough if the temperatures dip in the low 50s, but without being too bulky or heavy the way a true winter coat can be. And lastly, of course, it needs to be rad.

I spotted this Scout Utility Jacket ($28, originally $50) over at Old Navy, and it checks all of my boxes. Luckily for me, it’s an additional 30 percent off right now! Check it out, plus some styling inspiration.

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